Photo A gift basket full of useful tools

A gift basket full of useful tools

Are you tired of waiting for the maintenance person to come over and do basic home maintenance? In this case, the best thing to do is to equip yourself with at least the basic home tool kit, and start fixing the problems yourself.

Basic home maintenance is not difficult. In addition, it is cost saving if you have the right tools to repair every minor problem at your own home. This guideline helps you identify what toolkit to have for basic daily repair, from your home to your car. And impress your friend or relative with a gift full of essential tools.

Basic home repair tool kit

Basic home problems may run from having a broken chair to broken window panes. You might also have problems with a missing screwdriver in your wardrobe door. For such minor problems, you do not usually need to wait until the repair person comes in before fixing the broken object. Here is a list of the tools you may need:

  •  A hammer and nails: You need to keep a few nails with a hammer for basic home repair.
  •  Pliers and pincers: for cutting metals, or wire, or for removing a nail.
  •  Screwdriver: You need to have both a flat screwdriver and a Philips screwdriver. The ideal is to have a complete set of screwdrivers of different sizes, purposes and heads.
  •  Locking pliers: These are very useful tools since you can adjust the space of its jaws to easily hold a bolt or a metal.

Useful tools for wood repair

If you are looking for a gift for a carpenter or for someone who likes making pieces of wooden furniture. In addition to the previous tools in the list, you also need to have a wooden saw, a metallic saw, a measuring tape, SDS drill, a marker, paint brushes, useful tools for your car.

  • A set of metric spanners or wrenches: Wrenches of different sizes and shapes are quite essential for car repairs, to fasten nuts and bolts.
  • A medium-sized flat screwdriver: It can be used to unscrew some part of the car, for instance before changing the light bulb.
  • A set of socket wrenches: These are necessary to fasten or remove wrenches which are rather difficult to reach.
  • A monkey wrench: This adjustable wrench is quite useful to remove an oversized bolt in case you do not have the right metric spanner for that.
  • Pliers: You may need to cut and replace some wires inside the car. You need pliers for that.
  • Speed handle or speed brace: It is useful to secure in or loosen nuts.
  • Lug wrench: They are also known as tire wrenches, and used to loosen or tighten nuts from the vehicle tires.
  • Jack: If you need to change a tire, this tool is essential for jacking up the vehicle before loosening and removing the tire.

Shopping for useful tools for gift

It is practical to have a basic toolkit for home repairs. Your friend or relative will really feel impressed with the idea of receiving a basket full of useful tools. In order to buy the high quality tools, it is preferable to buy from renowned hardware stores. Look up on the internet for the nearest hardware store.

Another good alternative is to buy tools overseas where you can find the best model. To arrange your flight, look for an airline carrier through Opodo. Book your flight and accommodation online through Opodo.