Photo A gift basket all about food : delicacies to pick up

A gift basket all about food : delicacies to pick up

When thinking about the gift, the idea should not be limited to material objects, or personal accessories. In fact, many people, men and women, are delighted in receiving a gift basket full of high quality, eye-catching delicacies. It might be difficult for you to figure out about the most suitable gourmet gift for your loved one, or for a colleague, or a relative. Here are some ideas for a great gift basket full of exquisite delicacies.

Sweet gifts

For those who have a sweet tooth, here are some great ideas of gourmet delicacies:

  • Chocolate: A large variety of chocolate is available, from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, to chocolate truffles. An assortment of chocolate will be very much appreciated. In some stores, chocolate is mixed with fruits or nuts for a more special taste.
  • Cookies: Cookies make great gifts, especially if the box is eye-catching. You can choose among butter cookies, nutmeg cookies, hazelnut cookies, chocolate cookies, or other.
  • Candies: Almost everyone likes candies. To make your gift special, choose among brown sugar candies, nougat, or creamy candies, chewy caramel candies, or fruit paste candies, or pastila of Vichy from France, or gelatin-based candies from England. If your chosen candy is unique to the country you visited, it will be more special.
  •  Honey: It also makes great gifts for its taste and sweet smell. It is easier to buy honey when you visit a rural village, where honeybees are raised.

A gift of high quality beverages and more

A gift basket filled with beverages and drinks are also very much appreciated.

  • An assortment of high quality tea bags
  •  Finely ground coffee powder
  •  Bottle of Wine
  •  Irish cream

For a high quality present, you can think of gifting your friend, colleague, or relative with the best kind of coffee, particularly: café latte, espresso, Americano, cappuccino, or other. It will really delight them. And the pleasure is even greater if you couple that with a box full of cookies. You can choose among the most exquisite varieties of cookies at the department store.

Wine and cheese

Lovers of wine will find it delightful to receive a gift of high-quality wine, combined with an assortment of the best cheese. For a great wine and cheese combination, you may think of having white wine with camel cheese, or red wine with sheep milk cheese. These are just to give you some ideas. It will certainly make your mouth water to receive a gift basket containing wine and a large variety of cheese. France and the U.K. are the best places to buy varieties of cheeses.

Mouth-watering condiments and pickles

Condiments and pickles make a great gift, for both women and men. The Chinese grocery store and vegetable market sells a wide range of pickled vegetables and green fruits. The most popular condiments are:

  •  Pickled green mangoes
  •  Pickled lemons
  •  Pickled onions or ginger
  •  Pickled gherkins or cornichon.

Ideas for a gift basket based on dessert

A basket containing dessert wine or raisin wine and an eye-catching box of raisin cookies is also a great delight for your friend or relative. Château d'Yquem 1999, Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, Muscat de Rivesaltes and Pedro Ximénez are among the most common wines from France which can be taken with dessert. And they can be presented with an assortment of chocolate or almond biscuits too.

Shop for the best gourmet gifts

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