Photo A gift basket from all around the world

A gift basket from all around the world

After each trip from a foreign country or from a destination in your home country, it is common to bring back gifts for families, friends, colleagues, or simply some souvenirs for yourself. The souvenirs and gifts you bring back should not be always material objects.

The souvenirs you bring back may depend on your desire, your taste, or the impression that you want to make. Buying a holiday memento for yourself and your loved ones is a pleasure because it will constantly remind yourself of a special occasion or a place that you visited.

Give yourself a moment to step back and allow your loved ones to discover the story of your travels through the souvenirs purchased.

Top memories from around the world

Each country is unique as far as gifts and souvenirs are concerned. Each memento has a special meaning and the symbol of the souvenir varies from a country to another, which is quite fascinating to discover. However, we will only browse through some gift ideas from a few countries:

  • Greece: Take Greek herbs and spices or local, traditional products such as sesame bars, sausages. You can also bring back wine and ouzo which are widely consumed in Greece.
  • Croatia: Opt for pure liquor called Liqueur Maraschino for your loved ones. Created in the 16th century, it has a special taste. For your friends, give them a Morcic, a typical jewel of Croatia, worn by the beautiful ladies of Rijeka to adorn their clothes and protect them from evil.
  • Mexico: the beautiful fabrics and colored bags of Chiapas are good ideas to offer to your best friends. They will be delighted to have sweaters, wool scarves, or colorful bags,which will bring a touch of originality to the everyday life.
  • Africa: For more originality, the ostrich egg is the best. Many tourists always recommend this shock-resistant, decorative egg.
  • Paris: Take the decorative Eiffel Tower, or glasses with the emblem of Paris, a jewelry box mugs, … There is a wide choice of souvenirs.
  • Australia: Bring back the Australian specialities for your loved ones : the Kakadu plum jam jars or the bush tomato sauce. As this country is known as one of the big exporters of wine, indulge yourself into buying bottles of pinot noir, chardonnays and / or sparkling wine.

Offer an original souvenir

Forget about such classic souvenirs as chocolates, jewelry, or key chains; instead, opt to bring back a souvenir that marks the occasions and the country where you spent your holidays.

A handmade souvenir, a local product, a food item that people eat daily if it is not forbidden, of course. For family members or grandparents, uncles and aunts, it is best to give a souvenir photo taken in a historic setting or in a natural setting, found nowhere else. A memory does not always mean something that costs a lot since thinking about that person is more important.

Go hunting for souvenirs around the world

To mark the spirit of everyone, the best is to go there. It is possible to visit different places at the same time to have unique souvenirs, or even to browse other places that you want to visit.

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